Protests, Rallies, Actions

Resources on Mohandas Gandhi

2011 Protests

Tax Day Protest

Space Symposium 2010

Afghan War Escalation

Isreali Envoy Protest

Rally Against Healthcare GREED

Afghan War 8 Years

Healthcare Rally

LAMEborn Town Hall

Pride Fest 2009

2009 Space Symposium

Kathy Kelly

2009 MLK March

Free Gaza rally 2

Free Gaza Rally

Winter Soldier 2

Save White Acres

Prop H8 protest Colorado Springs

Colorado College Votes

BailOut Protest

True Majority Bailout protest

DNC Denver

GI Rights Seminar

August Iraq Moratorium

2008 Sister's Witness Against War

Rally to Free Robin Long

Pridefest 2008

Iraq Moratorium July

Body of War screening and 2nd Tower Guard

Iraq Moratorium for June

bush's last AFA commencement lie

Warrior Writer 6 at WeUsOur gallery in Manitou

State DNC convention

Warrior Writers at Mercury Cafe in Denver

Iraq Recession Press Conference

Iraq Moratorium on April 18

CPIS Space Symposium Protest at the Broadmoor

IVAW benefit at WeUsdOur Gallery and The Mariner

4,000th US death vigil in Acacia Park

5th anniversary of the Iraq War vigil and service

Videos of Winter Soldier testimony in DC and Colorado Springs

Warrior Writers 4 at Poor Richard's

Warrior Writers 3 at The Rocket Room

Second Fort Carson Town Hall

Longest Night for the homeless

Iraq Moratorium, December 14, 2007

Colorado College Sit-In Against Intolerance

IVAW benefit concert, starring Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root

Anna Marchant walks the state for Dennis Kucinich

IVAW Tower Guard

Warrior Writers' Open Mic

Step It Up Environmental rally at RockLedge Ranch

Annual Fort Carson GreenWash

Denver protest Oct 27

Schriever AFB Oct 12, 2007

Senator Salazar in Springs and Pueblo

PCMS Town Hall 10/4/07

CIA war Criminal James Woolsey greenwash

GAGzette editor, Sean Paige, answers to the public

UN International day of Peace Vigil at City Hall

War Profiteer protest on 9/11

Senator SellUsOut shovels bullshit in the Springs "Peace Now" vigil in Manitou Springs

"Uproot, Don't Upgrade" missile silo protset in Weld County Veto Vigil in Acacia Park

"St. Paddy"s Seven" Fund Raiser

St, Paddy's Seven day in court

Annual Space Symposium war profiteer protest at the Broadmoor

The St. Patrick's Day "Massacre"

Iraq War 4th Anniversary rally in Acacia Park

"The Violence of War and the Struggle for Peace" seminar

Darmstadt. Germany protest of Echelon spy station

The RMPJ "Salazar Seven" before occupying the Senator's office in Denver

Carnival Parade in Manitou

J&P Town Hall February 10, 2007

Stryker Scoping hearing 8,868 petition delivery to Senator Allard

Anti escalation rally in Acacia Park

Anti Torture march to Senator's office

Vigil for 3,000th US death, January 1, 2007

Annual School of the Americas protest send off

Pinon Canyon expansion protest

Cheney protest at the Broadmoor

Eyes Wide Open Memorial in Colorado Springs October 12-13

Denver Eyes Wide Open Memorial Oct 9-11-2006

Impeachment Teach-In

Rommel DUMBsfeld protest at the AFA

CPIS Space Expose 'Um

Iraq War 3rd Anniverary rally in Acacia Park

Critical Mass Bike for Peace, March 17

BookMobile in St. Patty's Day Parade

Counter Recruitment protest at military job fair

CPIS protest of SpaceCOMM "defense" contractors at the Broadmoor

Christian PeaceMaker Team Vigil and "Shine the Light" at Camp Casey

Martin Luther King March

After Downing antiwar strategy session

Democracy Now protest of Colorado College's KRCC Radio

Nov 18 counter recruitment protest

Citizens for Peace in Space protest War C.R.I.M.E.S.

Candle light vigil for the 2,000th US death in Iraq

September 24 Camp Casey rally and march for PEACE

Camp Casey, Colorado Springs, Sept 15-Oct 20, 2005

9/11 rally to support the troops

Colorado Caravan at Camp Casey

Colorado Caravan heads to Camp Casey, Crawford

Press Conference for the Colorado Caravan

Cindy Sheehan Candle Light vigil for Iraq war dead in Acacia park

Cheney commencement at the Air Force Academy on June 1, 2005

Pete Field Open House action by CPIS; June 4, 2005

March 19, 2005 on the second Anniversary of the start of the WAR

Counter-Recruitment MarchCounter-Recruitment march on April 30, 2005

Westboro Baptist Church on March 24, 2005

Westboro Baptist Church on March 12, 2005

Counter-Inauguration Rally Januray 20, 2005

October 12, 2004 Bush campaign stop at the World Arena

June 2, 2004 protest of Bush commencement at AFA

October 7, 2004 NATO rally against Rumsfeld

March 20, 2004 war's 1st anniversary march and rally

November 24, 2003 Fort Carson bush visit

Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood every Saturday morning

April 13 rally just after the war started

February 15, 2003 in Palmer park, the pepper spray falls like rain